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Nonprofit Entrepreneur Katie Blomquist and Kev Khayat
Katie Blomquist & Kev Khayat, Nonprofit Coaches

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Less planning, more doing

Need the funding

your startup nonprofit deserves?  Let's get you fundraising right now so you can make the impact you've always dreamed about.

Feeling isolated

or bogged down like you're doing everything yourself? Save hours each week and replenish your energy and focus with our time habit hacks.  

Are you stuck

or overwhelmed running your nonprofit startup? Too many hats to wear and plates to keep spinning?  We've got blueprints for fundraising, Boards, programs and social media.

Main Benefits

We give you everything you need to get through the start-up phase and master your nonprofit journey. 

Raise all the money

you'll ever need, more easily than you thought possible, including salaries and a reserve.

Build programs

that work, so your community and partners will love to join them, and funders will love to fund them.

An active Board

is essential - use our approach to recruit the right people and get their best effort, over and over.

Light up social

media channels with posts that get folks wanting to know more about you and how to help.

Attract volunteers

whenever you need them, whatever you need them to do, and help them spread the word.

Turn your power on

as a creative problem-solver, rather than spend time on the stuff that gets in the way.

Membership is just $47/month - start fundraising now!

Want hands-on Nonprofit Entrepreneur coaching?  

Talk to Kev

Coach & Lead instructor

"Whatever your nonprofit problem, we'll find a way forward in 30 minutes."

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Entrepreneur & Lead Instructor

"Action is better than inaction - let's work out your next step in half an hour or less."


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