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Job #1

The start of a hugely impactful nonprofit journey - file your 501(c)3 (or registered charity equivalent in Canada, the UK and other countries) and get your paperwork sorted for nonprofit status.  Then we'll show you how  to get that draft Mission Statement written or updated.  

Your Power & Your Purpose

A most important module - so many people make the mistake of thinking "I'll do whatever it takes" only to find out - too late - that they burnout trying to do it all themselves.  This module has lessons on how to find your WHY, how to identify your SUPERPOWERS and how to manage those superpowers so they work for you not against you, and finally how to set your TERMS for get the best of your time, energy, resources, money and sanity while you're busy changing the world.  You will come back to these lessons again and again as you grow and learn to run your nonprofit.  

Crowdfinding Basics

Yes, "finding" not "funding" - you need to gather a crowd, and fast.  This module sets you up to be a seasoned networker, recruit your Board of Directors and carve your unique message on social media.  Without these basic skills, your nonprofit simply won't survive.  You've got to be making real human connections in person and online, all the time.  And the folks you bring to your nonprofit party have to join you in that effort, so you need to pull in the right people from the start.

Getting Business Results

Your programming is the heart of your nonprofit business - it's the change that makes the world a better place.  This module is all about creating or perfecting programs and services that deliver and are welcomed in your community.   Wouldn't it be great if we could just dream up the perfect solution in our heads, create the program, get a grant to fund it and release it into the world?  Instead, we have to work closely with the people we wish to serve in designing our programs and services and set our nonprofit up to deliver for them again and again in a way that we can sustain financially.  We train you how to build lasting trust with your community and create programs that get traction fast.

Fundraising Basics

Bringing in revenue separate to the services you deliver is what sets nonprofits apart - and makes them more difficult - then for-profits.  This module fires up your networking, covers essential tools and tech and outlines a formula for the perfect event.  Without funding, you can't operate.  And at this stage, pursuing grants is not the best use of your time.  Most people don't like the idea of asking for money but this module will turn you into a money magnet!

Know Your Value

If you're getting results, there's no reason you can't pull in all the support, money and partnerships you'll ever need.  So we start by confirming the results of your programs and capturing in them in a way that makes others say "Wow!"

Accelerated Crowdfinding

The engine for accelerating and scaling is your support pyramid, made up of the people who donate their time, money and expertise.   This module shows you how to get the pyramid to grow itself so you can focus on key relationships, including the media.

Listening & Inviting

Completing this module will mark you down as a serious nonprofit player.  You'll identify your ideal donor in intricate detail and learn our special "90 degree storytelling" method, which will shift your social media into a two-way communications powerhouse. 

Next Level Fundraising

With supporters banging on your door and donations flowing, you'll learn in this module how to put together a plan to get you fully funded, with the full support (and participation) of your Board, as well as your move to identifying - and winning - the right grants.

And We're Adding More Modules All the Time

Just like running a nonprofit, growth and evolution never stops in the Academy.  We've got several additional modules planned plus you'll have plenty of opportunity to tell us what training topics you need.  And it's all part of the standard membership!

Plus interactive coaching just for you

Monthly Coaching Calls

We hop on zoom the last Monday of every month to share new teaching and to respond to whatever questions you have.   A thriving group coaching environment inspires new ideas and extends your nonprofit entrepreneurial network.   All the calls are recorded so you can watch them whenever you want, as many times as you need.

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Nonprofit Entrepreneur Academy

pay annually - save 20%

INCLUDES BONUS - How to do a Press Release that Gets Your Nonprofit on TV!

Training worth $197!

$39 per month

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Nonprofit Founder & Lead Instructor

As a founder myself I know just how you feel and just what you need.  There's so much noise out there it's hard not getting distracted.  Can't wait to meet you!

Kev Khayat

Nonprofit Coach & Lead Instructor

Having worked with dozens of startups, for-profit and nonprofit, we cut out all the fluff so you can focus on your incredible idea - I'm excited to hear all about it!  

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