Build an army of supporters and raise all the money you need 

Are you ready to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills and scale your results?  We're ready to show you the only things you need to do, how to do them, and in the right order. 

What you'll cover in 90 days:

Know Your Value

If you're getting results, there's no reason you can't pull in all the support, money and partnerships you'll ever need.  So we start by confirming the results of your programs and capturing in them in a way that makes others say "Wow!"

Accelerated Crowdfinding

The engine for accelerating and scaling is your support pyramid, made up of the people who donate their time, money and expertise.   This module shows you how to get the pyramid to grow itself so you can focus on key relationships, including the media.

Listening & Inviting

Completing this module will mark you down as a serious nonprofit player.  You'll identify your ideal donor in intricate detail and learn our special "90 degree storytelling" method, which will shift your social media into a two-way communications powerhouse. 

Strategic Fundraising

With supporters banging on your door and donations flowing, you'll learn in this module how to put together a plan to get you fully funded, with the full support (and participation) of your Board, as well as your move to identifying - and winning - the right grants.

Plus interactive coaching just for you

Weekly Coaching Calls

We hop on zoom every week to share new teaching and to respond to whatever questions you have.   A thriving group coaching environment inspires new ideas and extends your nonprofit entrepreneurial network.   All the calls are recorded so you can watch them whenever you want, as many times as you need.

24 hour access via mobile

We use the Marco Polo app, which is a free video messaging service.   Any problems you have, you can send either or both of us a quick message and we'll get back to you in 24 hours.   Help is always at hand! 

All this support for a fraction of what you'll fundraise when you follow the Accelerate & Scale Playbook

one-time payment

INCLUDES BONUS - Entrepreneurial Personality Session

1-1 coaching session worth $497!


Talk to the team

Katie Blomquist

Nonprofit Founder & Lead Instructor

My own nonprofit is years ahead of others that have been around longer.  I'm excited to share everything I've learned with you!

Kev Khayat

Nonprofit Coach & Lead Instructor

The key at this stage is attracting people who contribute their time, money and expertise.    Let's talk about how you can be a magnet!

Watch the free training!

Watch Katie & Kev walk through the

Seven Essentials to Being a Successful Nonprofit Entrepreneur

an in-depth, 50 minute video packed with must-do's!