Get more money from more donors & more impact for more people  

Are you ready to take your entrepreneurial leadership to new levels and get the best out of all your staff and volunteers?  Are you ready to have all the systems and processes to automate nonprofit success?  We've got everything you need to break through the clouds and get your nonprofit soaring. 

You'll have a tailor made Flight Plan through the following modules:

Diversify Funding Streams

As you build a solid base of individual donors, it's time to turn to major gifts, corporate partnerships and grants, as well as fine-tuning how events fit in.  Together with top experts we give you the what, the how and in the right order for each of these areas.

Deepen & Expand Programming

The heart of your business needs to be solid as a rock - systems and processes, policies and procedures, and a work culture that inspires the best from staff and volunteers.  Create win-wins with any partner and outline your grant-funded future programs. 

Leverage Technology

Upgrade your toolset with the right CRM and learn how to extract the most value from it.  Assess the user journey on your website and add funnels to enliven the experience.  Learn how to create and use a handful of simple metrics that everyone can understand. 

Evolve the Board

Everyone on the Board should know exactly how to support the organization as a key ally.  This module covers everything from transitioning from a working to an oversight Board, how to guarantee that Board members fundraise and Board succession planning.   

Extend the Reach of Your Message

Your website and social media need to confirm your expertise  so you reach a bigger crowd of the right, targeted people.  This module prepares you to be a thought leader, refining your social media and moving you on from old-style "digital brochure" websites.  

Plus interactive coaching just for you

Weekly Coaching Calls

We hop on zoom every week to share new teaching and to respond to whatever questions you have.   A thriving group coaching environment inspires new ideas and extends your nonprofit entrepreneurial network.   All the calls are recorded so you can watch them whenever you want, as many times as you need.

24 hour access via mobile

We use the Marco Polo app, which is a free video messaging service.   Any problems you have, you can send either or both of us a quick message and we'll get back to you in 24 hours.   Help is always at hand! 

All this support for a fraction of what you'll fundraise when you follow your personal Flight Plan at Changemaker Flight School

one-time payment

INCLUDES BONUS - Entrepreneurial Personality Session

1-1 coaching session worth $497!


Talk to the team

Katie Blomquist

Nonprofit Founder & Lead Instructor

Flight School training is truly transformational.  What's first on your Flight Path?  

Kev Khayat

Nonprofit Coach & Lead Instructor

Flight School shows you how to work ON the business instead of in it - let's get your wings!  

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Seven Essentials to Being a Successful Nonprofit Entrepreneur

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