Follow tried & tested steps to get your nonprofit in motion and on fire

Are you ready to become the nonprofit entrepreneur your community deserves, and attract all the money and people you'll ever need?  We're ready to show you the only things you need to do, how to do them, and in the right order. 

What you'll cover in 90 days:

Job #1

The start of a hugely impactful nonprofit journey - file your 501(c)3 and get your paperwork sorted for nonprofit status.  Then you need to get that draft Mission Statement written or updated.  

Your Power & Your Purpose

A most important module - lessons on how to find your WHY, identify and lean into your SUPERPOWERS, and set the TERMS of how you will spend your time and energy changing the world.

Crowdfinding Basics

Yes, "finding" not "funding" - you need to gather a crowd, and fast.  This module sets you up to be a seasoned networker, recruit your Board of Directors and carve your unique message on social media.

Getting Business Results

Your programming is the heart of your nonprofit business - it's the change that makes the world a better place.  This module is all about creating or perfecting programs and services that deliver and are welcomed in your community.   

Fundraising Basics

Bringing in revenue separate to the services you deliver is what sets nonprofits apart - and makes them more difficult - then for-profits.  This module fires up your networking, covers essential tools and tech and outlines a formula for the perfect event.

Plus interactive coaching just for you

Weekly Coaching Calls

We hop on zoom every week to share new teaching and to respond to whatever questions you have.   A thriving group coaching environment inspires new ideas and extends your nonprofit entrepreneurial network.   All the calls are recorded so you can watch them whenever you want, as many times as you need.

24 hour access via mobile

We use the Marco Polo app, which is a free video messaging service.   Any problems you have, you can send either or both of us a quick message and we'll get back to you in 24 hours.   Help is always at hand! 

All this support for a fraction of what you'll fundraise when you follow the Ignition & Momentum Playbook

one-time payment

INCLUDES BONUS - Entrepreneurial Personality Session

1-1 coaching session worth $497!


Talk to the team

Katie Blomquist

Nonprofit Founder & Lead Instructor

As a founder myself I know just how you feel and just what you need.  There's so much noise out there it's hard not getting distracted.  Can't wait to meet you!

Kev Khayat

Nonprofit Coach & Lead Instructor

Having worked with dozens of startups, for-profit and nonprofit, we cut out all the fluff so you can focus on your incredible idea - I'm excited to hear all about it!  

Watch the free training!

Watch Katie & Kev walk through the

Seven Essentials to Being a Successful Nonprofit Entrepreneur

an in-depth, 50 minute video packed with must-do's!