Say goodbye to  burnout and overwhelm forever 

Are you ready to take control of your time and energy?  We're ready to show you how to get more done than you ever thought possible when you redesign how you think about and use your time.

What you'll cover over eight lessons:

Taking Control

Get back behind the wheel of your own time.  A series of quick & fun assessments pinpoint the main issues affecting how you think about and use your time.  Learn how habits form and what sustains them and then determine specific problems you need to address.

Resetting Time

We can't change how much time we have but we can change how we experience time.  This mindset shift transforms how you can and should use your energy and to what purpose.   This powerful module is where you set the terms you want to live by.

Defying Gravity

Habits have their own gravitational pull which we need to break in order to change what we do.  This module teaches you how to manage boundaries, ignore distractions and put bad habits behind you for good. 

Staying in Flow

Now you're in command of your Time Habits Control Panel, you have all the tools and skills to sustain your new state of flow, as well as knowing how and when to make adjustments.  We redo the module 1 assessments to celebrate how far you've come.  

Plus interactive coaching just for you

Weekly Coaching Calls

We hop on zoom every week to share new teaching and to respond to whatever questions you have.   A thriving group coaching environment inspires new ideas and extends your nonprofit entrepreneurial network.   All the calls are recorded so you can watch them whenever you want, as many times as you need.

24 hour access via mobile

We use the Marco Polo app, which is a free video messaging service.   Any problems you have, you can send either or both of us a quick message and we'll get back to you in 24 hours.   Help is always at hand! 

Take control of your time forever for a fraction of what you'd pay for a weekend away 

one-time payment

INCLUDES BONUS - Entrepreneurial Personality Session

1-1 coaching session worth $497!


Talk to Katie or Kev

Katie Blomquist

Nonprofit Founder & Lead Instructor

Being a nonprofit entrepreneur is an ultra-ultra-marathon and this course will help you last the distance.  Let's talk about why you're burning out.

Kev Khayat

Nonprofit Coach & Lead Instructor

People think time is all about productivity but that's just scheduling.  Let's dig underneath and put you in control of the habits that eat up all your time & energy.  

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Seven Essentials to Being a Successful Nonprofit Entrepreneur

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